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Network FRI Worldwide Group

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Network FRI Worldwide Group



Welcome to Network World wide FRI Group
We open the work in progress of this page with the 'image of the Group

Group for all the friends who love to radio 360 °
The group was born with the will to unite allradio groups together to share experiences and personal experimentation together
I hope that this group will become a meeting point for all groups

As I explained in the description of this group it is born with the interest to unite and share among various groups radio to know each other and work together.
Several projects will start from this group are all related to the world radio.
I hope to be of your interest and liking.


Benvenuti in Rete FRI World wide Group
Apriamo i lavori in corso di questa pagina con l' immagine del Gruppo 

Gruppo per tutti gli amici che amano fare radio a 360°
Il gruppo nasce con la volonta di unire tutti i gruppi radio per condividere insieme le esperienze e la sperimentazione personale tutti insieme 

Come Ho spiegato nella descrizione questo gruppo nasce con il solo interesse di unire e condividere fra i vari gruppi radio in modo da conoscerci e collaborare tutti insieme.
Vari progetti partiranno da questo gruppo tutti legati al mondo radio.
Spero siano di vostro interesse e gradimento.





 Discover New Experiences

With the project over to Whiskey Golf enthusiasts gather all radios in all mode and in all bands, we intend to implement our network a series of gateways that can be 70 cm 430/446 MHz in 27 MHz 11mt in lsb or usb and use the VoIP network as if it were a large antenna available to those who need it
Let's take an example 11 meters in SSB:
Today in Italy is not a good propagation while in France and England propagation is excellent
So thank you to the members of the French and British who have offered their radios linking to the net Worldwide Fri users Italians can make a DX as an echo of that half link is digital in France or England to get to the other side and become a point to point between the two nations to follow and the same goes for the 70 cm

The digital, we want to talk ?

D until today who could transmit in digital?
We all know only ham allowed to transmit on certain frequencies
We in the Group and we are working to make available all of this mode of transmission, and why not even 70 cm 

Nuovo layer...

Watch the video



Our partnership

Among the many activities of the group, one of the key was and will be to create partnerships with groups around the world.
We now offer an excellent partnership with France in particular with the group  Relais France Cb / PMR . In Australia with

Handheld CB UHF VHF And Amateur Radio
However we hope the union of other groups from around the world.
And always we regard the session DXers are in close collaboration with the cluster who is also the cluster group's official


Registration to the group Free Radio Italia



For all those who want to register to the group Free Radio Italy
I remind you that the registration is completely free and is a source of satisfaction that rewards us for the nost commitment to the project FRI / WG.


To register click here




FRN Client Executable    clik here 

Software to program Baofeng bf 888s   clik here 

Drivers for Cable Programming (win vista win seven )   clik here